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Bogotá Downtown Tour 

Spend a few hours learning and experiencing the world of emeralds, visit one of the biggest street market of the emerald, Discover the history of this flagship stone in Colombia, its characteristics, uses and its market. Come and know more about the emerald, it will be a unique experience.

Finally you will come face to face with plenty of stones, from all shapes and sizes, you will explore them and learn from them.by the end you will feel like a professional. 


Introduction to the emerald world
Visit one of the most representative buildings of emeralds

See a professional cutter of gemstones to learn about the polish and cutting process

Have the opportunity to see emeralds face to face learn about shapes, color and size. 
This tour is a quick view of the daily life of the emerald market, we can avoid unexpected events, meet people and if you like to buy a souvenir emerald.