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Bogota Downtown Tour

Spend a few hours learning and experiencing the world of emeralds, visiting the epicenter of the Colombian emerald market. Discover the history of this flagship stone in Colombia, its characteristics, the extraction process, the carvings, its commercialization and its commercialization. Come and learn more about the emerald. It will be a unique experience.
Finally you will find yourself face to face with these precious stones, of all dimensions and sizes. In the end you won't be a professional but you'll gain the knowledge to make you feel like one.

We are flexible to shape the Tour according to the motivation that led them to us, making every experience indescribable.

2 hour to 3 hour 30 min approximately
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Groups of 2 to 10 people
This Tour is a view of the daily life of the Colombian emerald market. You will have the opportunity to interact, talk and meet the people around this activity. Thanks to them, you will be able to see different perspectives, trusted channels and experience levels of the Colombian emerald world.
Introduction to the emerald world
Enter the bowels of the most representative locations of the emeralds in Bogota

See a professional cutter of Colombian gemstones to learn all the secrets behind the carving and beautification of emeralds.

Have the opportunity to see emeralds face to face learn about the shapes, colors, sizes and latest techniques used in the marketing of Colombian gemstone.


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