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Welcome to the Colombian emerald world, they are in the right place to know a little more about the origin of the emeralds and their different uses.

You will have a brief introduction on how to find the perfect emerald for you.

If you want to know the world of emerald from the capital of Colombia, this tour is for you.



  Chivor mine


If you want to live the experience of being an emerald miner for a day in one of Colombia's main mines, this tour is for you.

Experts Team

Sometimes we need to go to an expert on certain issues to make a better decision. Here we offer you the advice of a person trained in the emerald world that will help you find your dream stone.

Gianpaolo Magnani

"The human factor is the most important part of all the experiences we live"

Marcela Barajas

"Knowing the emeralds is entering a unique micro universe"