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If you want to know the world of emerald from the capital of Colombia, this tour is for you.


Emerald  Downtown


 Welcome to the world of emeralds. You are in the right place to learn more about this beryllium.


Colombian emeralds are one of the most desired and special gemstones, their particularity is in the sum of the characteristics such as brightness, color and purity.
This gemstone has a wide variety of stories around its origin and its uses.

With us you can know the differences between the variety of sizes and you can see the inclusions and how these are classified
In addition, we are characterized by working with genuine Colombian emeralds, and with establishments that, like us, meet the quality standards of fedesmeraldas.

These are a lot more things that can give you the initial steps in the world of Colombian emeralds.

If you want to live the experience of being an emerald miner for a day in one of Colombia's main mines, this tour is for you.

  Chivor mine


tunel de mina de esmeralda

Experts Team

creadores de la empresa colombian emerald tour

Oscar Baquero - Gianpaolo Magnani

Emerald merchants with 30 years of experience - Founders of Colombian Emerald Tours

"The human factor is the most important part of all the experiences we live"

We have people trained and trained in Colombian emeralds, who can guide you to solve any doubts that may arise, and solve the concerns of which you are curious

Mujer guia de recorrido de esmeraldas

Marcela Barajas

Travel guide for emerald experiences

"Knowing the emeralds is entering a unique micro universe"

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